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You will be supporting my (as yet) fledging work as a writer. Help nourish my unique and direct take on the world. Especially in the current mass formational madness. Knowing I have readers really sharpens the brain and focuses the mind. I do hope you get something from my writing and share it with others. I welcome feedback and comment.

I write a mixture of long and short reads. Some of this writing takes time to develop, so there may be weeks when I am working on something that’s not quite ready to go. I’d rather post less material of a higher quality than post frequently for the sake of getting something out. I hope you agree. Additionally, I have recently begun sharing writing I feel resonates with my own thinking and/or deserves a wider readership.

I’m getting to know what I write about through writing about it, if that makes any sense. I was once described by a professor as a ‘sideways thinker’ and I felt it suited the way in which I approach the world. I have read across a number of disciplines in the humanities and frequently make links across them. I think in an interdisciplinary manner which I hope adds something interesting to the debates going on right now.

My occasional podcasts have been monologues or further commentary on pieces I have written. I am hoping to get some more conversational pieces done in the near future. This is a new area of me, and I’m on a learning curve!

I am currently researching the concept of ‘idolatry’ with a view to publication. I may share some of this research with readers on this site. (Feedback on this would be helpful) It occurs to me as I type, that much of what I have written already contributes to that theme. I guess I’m sharing already.

If you are curious about my doctoral work, I am on Academia.Edu where I have now uploaded my thesis. (Search for Caroline Kaye). Any problems, you can message me here at Substack: thesidewaysthinker@substack.com

I don’t do paid subscriptions at this time, but simply subscribing and sharing my posts will do a lot to support me and my work. However, I recently signed up to BuyMeACoffee should you feel able and willing to support me on a one-off basis!

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The Sideways Thinker

Thinking Allowed. Dr Caroline Kaye: Art, Film, Art History, Religions and Theology, Biblical Studies, Philosophy, and not necessarily in that order. Posting my "sideways thinking" on a variety of subjects.